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6 thoughts on “ Calling Colleen - The Hippycrickets - Inconceivable!!! ”

  1. Texas field cricket (Gryllus texensis) Taciturn species (no calling song) Taciturn wood cricket (Gryllus ovisopis) House crickets. Chirping species. House cricket (Acheta domesticus) Tropical house cricket (Gryllodes sigillatus) Compare songs by ear and eye (wav files and graphs) Below are graphs of the calling songs of house and field crickets.
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  3. The Animated, presumably from the environs of Los Angeles, kick their ep off with "Edith C. Sharp," a wondrous synthesis of The Dickies, Mission of Burma and Polyrock (remember them)?They don't particularly adhere to that recipe for the remainder of the record, but their quirky spin on all the essential facets that made the golden age of punk/power-pop as much fun and adventurous as it.
  4. Not quite as chipper as their namesake might imply (check out the relatively brooding opener "Matter of Time") Atlanta's Hippycrickets turned in this sturdy chunk 'o power pop, circa Comparisons to the Beatles, Smithereens and Plimsouls have all been leveled at the feet of this now ostensibly dissolved outfit, and while the depth and breadth of Inconceivable!!! isn't as lofty as any of.
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